Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

The visitor management system records the visitor details along with the purpose of their visit, items they are carrying with them, etc. It captures their digital photo, Mobile No. with option to enter Aadhar Card Number, PAN Number.

Visitor's movement can be restricted by use of access control system. Visitor's gate pass will be generated by the security only on receipt of email or confirmation from the person to whom the visitor intends to meet. The email intimation can be done prior to the visitor reaching the site for smooth entry to the premises.

Various reports pertaining to visitors / departments most visited /persons most visited / from companies etc. can be generated by authorized person.

Key Features:

  • Daily Visitor gate pass
  • Contract labour gate pass with fixed duration.
  • Executive gate pass for multiple entries with fixed validity period.
  • Visitor Information Management
  • Visitor Self Registration & Gate Pass Generation
  • Integration of Visitor Card / Biometric on Reader and Flap Barrier / Turnstile.