Attendance Management Solutions

1. Face Recognition Reader

Face Recognition have revolutionized the Attendance Recognition/Access Control Applications by providing high speed error free AI based affordable solutions.

Now products are availabe with International specs such as IP65 rated, IK06 rated, gorilla glass, VAPT Softwares, etc. that secures IT Infrastucture & value for money.

Attendance Marking for on-field employees are also now possible with Smart Mobile App based Face Recognition Solutions.

Such systems are available now with Made In India, Assembled in India solutions to suit every users budget.

  • IP65 rated dust and waterproof device
  • IK06 rated vandal proof
  • Gorilla glass prevent scratch and impact resistance
  • Higher security
  • Faster face recognization
  • AI based auto updation of face template form over time interval
  • VAPT approved software
  • Secured Network
  • Access control from mobile and bluetooth
  • GPS based attendence

2. Fingerprint Recognition Reader

Fingerprint based readers are still most commonly used for Attendance & Access Control Management. This is an entry level biometric solution for small & medium sized companies providing economical & reliable solution.

3. Card Reader

RFID smart Cards, HID Cards are still in vogue for attendance marking / Access Control applications in many organizations. The technology used is RFID contactless readers with a reading distance of 4cm to 10cms . Smart Cards are multi-purpose cards with memory to read and write data. Smart Cards can be used for Attendance, Access Control, Canteen payment, Library records, Medical records etc.

4. High Throughput Wave Readers

Fingerprint Wave technology is an eXtended Performance biometric reader for the most demanding projects up to 100K user records in 1:n mode, up to 60 people per minute, with a large color tactile screen for user interaction, and time and attendances use cases This ergonomic biometric readers work efficiently with wet, dry, dirty hands or even damaged fingerprints.

5. Mobile based Attendance

Attendance marking / Access Control using Smart phone is soon becoming a necessity and is now available on IOS and Android phones and Tablets for the young professionals who are on the move. Employees can mark their attendance only on their registered mobile, it can also capture photo of the person marking attendance for future validation if necessity arises.

Mobile app can be used for applying, approving and sanctioning leaves, Alerts and reports can be made on available on specific mobiles.

Access Control can also be achieved through twisting of mobile. This is contactless operation and can be achieved from a distance. Don’t need a card or biometric data only your registered mobile meets the requirements.