Premises Security – CCTV / FAS

1. CCTV Solutions

Most organizations install CCTV Surveillance Systems and Fire Alarm Systems in their office premises for the security of their employees.

CCTV keeps a watch on all the designated areas 24X7 and acts as a deterrent to unscrupulous elements from carrying out theft or any other unlawful activities in the office premises.

Multiple locations, unmanned locations crowded areas etc can be under surveillance from a central area, monitoring and recording the happenings in the designated areas.

2. Fire Alarm System(FAS)

Fire Alarm System helps in generating an alarm when the fire just breaks out and necessary evacuations; fire fighting can be initiated immediately, it save lives and property as well as money.

Various make and models of FAS are available and we help our customers in selecting the most economical and effective solution for their organization.